It’s All Under One Roof

Creative Dimensions has been in the ‘creativity business’ in Cheshire, Connecticut for more than 33 years. Our talented team of creatives and craftsmen has built a reputation as innovative partners for local and international businesses. We’ve become experts not only at creating world-class signage, exhibits, broadcast sets, and experiences, but also guiding our clients along every step of the way. We’re more than a sign shop, more than an exhibit house – we’re the sum of all our parts!

Client satisfaction is our style. More than anything else, it drives us – not just as an organization, but as individuals. Every decision we make, every strategy we adopt, we’re keeping your goals in mind. Whatever the project, our passion for a job well done and that ultimate ‘WOW’ factor inspires us to create innovative and original solutions to impress you and your customers.


We Do It All



We bring bold visuals and scenic elements to broadcast sets and studios of any scale. Whatever you plan on broadcasting, we’re here to make sure it looks great with Emmy-award winning designs and seamless fabrication.



From trade show booths to product launches, we harness creative yet functional design and quality fabrication to build you the best possible exhibit. We handle the planning, logistics, and on-site supervision so you can focus on your brand.



Impressions are important, and a well-branded environment can wow your customers and employees more than any digital ad campaign. We give your brand story a permanent and tangible place in your workplace, office, or retail space.



It’s fair to say that after 33 years, we’re experts in signage, permitting, and everything in between. We combine our flair for eye-catching designs with an in-depth knowledge of materials and applications to deliver impressive signage.



We help you engage with your customers in new ways and build memorable experiences that live on with shareable content and larger-than-life assets. Our experiential marketing events bring your brand right to your customers.



Our line of tool-free modular broadcast products brings a big presence to a small footprint. Versa products are perfect solutions for remote broadcasts, podcasts, conferences, and any other pop-up needs.


People Are Talking

The Creative Dimensions team sent us so many samples of different materials. They are focused on having top quality materials  without breaking the bank. Every single element was thought out. When they get installed, you can’t tell it’s a set – it’s Hollywood quality.

Jay O’Brien
VP of Broadcasting, Baltimore Ravens

Let’s face it – if you’re in this industry you have an opportunity to [create a studio] once, maybe twice in your life. You think you know what you want, but you really need a designer and people who know the business who can tell you, ‘Hey, here’s some of the pitfalls, here’s some of the advantages, here’s what we can do.’ Creative Dimensions took what was in my head and turned it into a concrete plan!

Russ Jenisch
Senior Director of Production, Denver Broncos

Thank God that Joel and his crew were all there… All I had to do was show up like Vanna White and smile! Everyone who walked by said ‘WOW, what an amazing, beautiful booth! I love the way Creative Dimensions thinks outside the box… that’s why we hire them, so that they can think of these things while I’m working on something else.

Claudine McGinnity
Trade Show Consultant, Katz & Associates

Creative Dimensions’ service was outstanding, from their quick response or design changes, to their attention to detail and solutions for build options. CD’s Versa Desk is the industry standard for on-site broadcast solutions and they made the  process simple and easy.

Austin Krablin, 
Sr. Director of Marketing, Comcast SportsNet

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