Greenwich Biosciences at AES 2019

Greenwich Biosciences is a trailblazer in groundbreaking epilepsy medication called Epidiolex, using FDA-approved Cannabidiol treatments. With over 20,000 success treatment stories across North America, they are industry leaders in providing positive results for families suffering from epilepsy. Their show presence is built around telling these success stories.

The show team was required to capture and sustain the attention of an audience of experts while providing them with thorough answers for all their questions. Our main solutions, among others, involved telling the patient stories via large format graphics around the exhibit space that could be seen from across the convention center. We also used interactive digital tables that engaged visitors by allowing them to learn in-depth information about the Epidiolex treatments. This layered experience formed the company’s largest show presence leading into the new year. Their booth refresh at the end of 2019 in Baltimore was the company’s largest event before seeing a rise from 12,000 to over 20,000 prescribing physicians.

The Continual Pursuit of WOW

We applied something called the S-3 approach to audience experience. Basically, you divide your entire audience into three categories: Sprinters, Strollers, and Studiers. We then developed graphics and elements in the booth that would appeal to and educate each of these categories. 

For the Sprinter, we used 20 foot tall graphics to tell the patient stories from a distance in a way they couldn’t miss. For the Stroller, we provided touchscreens that gave quick facts and information about Greenwich Biosciences and the Epidiolex treatment. For the Studier, we developed a digital table that they could interact with while brand representatives answered questions and provided refreshments.



Creative Dimensions