Las Vegas Raiders – COX Studios

When the Raiders moved to Las Vegas for the 2020 NFL season, they wanted their new studio to rise to the level of their new home in the “City of Lights”. The challenge was taking inspiration from the architecture of their new home in Allegiant Stadium and aligning it with their new brand. And this is Vegas we were talking about; to deliver we knew we had to go big or go home.

A 42-foot wide image of the Las Vegas skyline brought warm desert tones to the design and kept it from looking like a black-and-white movie. The casual sit-down area and the anchor desk, while asymmetrical, echo the ‘eye patch’ of the Raiders’ logo and serve to further enhance the design. The result  was a slick new studio that elevates the teams’ broadcast digital content and “Black and Silver Show.”

The Continual Pursuit of WOW

Midway through the design process, the “big bad beam” was introduced to the studio – a 2’ wide beam that ran the width of the studio and got in the way of our planned lighting grid. Our design team and lighting partners pivoted, and worked to make sure that all of the angles and shots wouldn’t suffer because of it.

This studio put our craftsmanship to the test with so many curved and flowing elements that continuously blended together. Our talented carpenters and metalworkers succeeded in bringing the complex design to life. The final result of our crew’s hard work showcased the unique architectural style flawlessly, and created a unique space for the Raiders’ broadcast team.




Creative Dimensions